As you all know, these are tragic times for people in Ukraine, and the situation is difficult. There are many injured, medical supplies are lacking, and food supplies are running low. We are Israeli-Ukrainian activists helping people who have suffered from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We have families both in Ukraine and Israel, and right now, our hearts are with all those people suffering from the horrors of war. Our activists are brave, and some of them even put their lives at risk to save the lives of others. Yevgenia Danilenko, who is the heart and engine of our team, came back from Israel to Ukraine on the first day of the Russian invasion to help those affected by this crazy war.


Our goal is to link those in need with those who can provide assistance. We are raising funds, coordinating logistics, and organizing the transport of humanitarian aid from Germany and Poland to Ukraine. We are in contact with people from Europe and Israel willing to donate, volunteers who help us deliver humanitarian help, and hospitals needing supplies. We decided to create this platform to be able to network quickly, rather than slowly, over email and social media. 


Currently, humanitarian aid from trucks arriving in Ukraine is stacked in a warehouse in Lviv. Everything is collected, sorted, and distributed to destinations such as Kharkiv, Kyiv, and other areas of the country. Our collection point is in Przemysl (Poland). We are also trying to organize a permanent humanitarian warehouse in Berlin.


The name of our platform is symbolic: palyanytsya is Ukrainian bread, and bread is a symbol of Life. 


Glory to Ukraine! Together we will save lives! Palyanytsya!



Yevhenia Danylenko

 executive Director of the volunteer organization “Palyanytsya”.

Serhiy Bekker

lead logistics specialist.

Yulia Bilonogova

is responsible for purchases and deliveries from abroad.

Oleksiy Solodunov

marketing specialist.